Absolutely Business is a training and development company that genuinely grows recruitment companies. And we are very particular about doing it the right way.

First we ensure that the top team is crystal clear about their growth strategy – and if they are not sure, we help them to be! Next we check that operations (sales, service and quality etc.) and people management are all aligned with that strategy – and again, if not, we help them to be. Only then do we run tailored training, coaching and mentoring programmes, which are all supported through customised follow up. 

Throughout, we focus is on business and people growth in equal measures, simply because this enables our clients to outperform markets. And because each business is unique, all our programmes are blended and can include coaching, mentoring, consultancy and process design.

Our clients gain immediate, lasting results, typically 10 times return on investment in 12 months – and for many, it can be a game changer for their business and their people.

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"Quantified growth equating to 290% ROI"

ROI on apointing Absolutely Business to sharpen our sales performance is measurable for us in terms of increased client base, fee income and customer retention. All things considered, I would say the "Denise factor" would account for one third of quantified growth equating to £375,000.

"Critical to performance"

Having built her own business from scratch, Denise has a truly valuable insight into the industry from many different perspectives. We retained her services over an initial 2-year period as we needed to invest in our people to ensure that they were at their best at a time that was hugely challenging for them, and we asked her to focuse on a number of specific tasks:
  • Business development, marketing and our selling skills
  • Effective contact with our clients and candidates
  • Consistent practices and processes across our businesses
  • Establishing a structured approach to account management
  • Coaching and mentoring certain members of staff
  • Induction of new consultants
Her contribution was outsanding and, during what was the most challenging environment we had to work in, we were able to win new accounts, expand existing accounts, and above all, maintain a belief within the business that we had more control over our future than the outside trading conditions indicated. I believe, and our people believe, that Denise played a critical part in our performance over that period and to our continuing success.

"New generation of leaders and a significant impact on strategic sales"

Working with Denise has significantly impacted the management and leadership in our business. We now have a solid senior management team who have more confidence and a variety of techniques to help them lead their teams. They are now creating a new generation of leaders ensuring a solid, sustainable growth plan for the business.

Denise has also made a significant impact on our account management and strategic sales. Our top 20 accounts have all grown in size as a result of a comprehensive account management programme to ensure we 'squeeze the lemon' with our current business as well as winning new clients.

Denise Walker