AB Tips: Training ROI

Investing in training and development is important to help your people, and your business, to thrive.


We would say that, of course, as we love developing people and watching them flourish, so we are slightly biased! But we are also realistic and clear on this: whilst learning can be a lot of fun, all training and development should have a positive impact all round, otherwise it can be a big waste of time.

It’s about your people and your business. And each is as important as the other.

For your people: You need to be very sure of what it is you need them to learn/develop, and how you expect it to positively impact on them and their teams.  For your business: You also need to be very sure that the programme you chose is aligned with your business focus, and that it will add to and enhance that, rather than just add to the overhead.

Once that’s established, it’s a simple case of choosing the most appropriate programme and making the most of it.

Here’s a summary of our recommendations:

In advance

  • Ideally get involved in the design of the materials to be used; failing that, familiarise yourself with them.
  • Prepare with each participant on a one to one basis, including objectives, applying the learning afterwards, and linking with their current personal development plan.
  • Manage expectations: for mixed groups, help seniors to understand their wider objectives and role (e.g. supporting their team, setting an example, acting as delivery support).
  • Ensure the training environment is appropriate, in terms of space, lighting, equipment, refreshments etc.

During delivery

  • Liaise with the participants to offer encouragement and show interest.
  • Speak with the facilitator to gain some interim feedback – this can hugely enhance delivery thorough further tailoring to participants’ needs.

Immediately following delivery

  • Gain some input on how to support your people.
  • Go through individuals’ feedback with them, and help them start to apply their action points straight away.

During the 6 months following delivery

  • The real learning starts only once it is applied in ‘real life’: see for yourself how your people are using the concepts in reality, sharing encouraging and constructive feedback to ensure the skills continue to be developed and honed.
  • Measure and celebrate the ROI.

That’s it; nothing too difficult, just a clear plan, regular communication and consistency. Great habits to have for a great ROI!