Essential Recruitment Building Blocks

Recruitment Excellence

The most effective and successful recruitment consultants are, without doubt, able to skilfully, carefully and closely manage the essential elements of the recruitment process and ultimately deliver against their client needs, focusing always on relationship-building.

These essential elements are all relating to effective management of candidates, clients, jobs, offers and quality. This naturally enables significant differentiation and enhanced business development. And, because this vital skill set is often forgotten or diluted by many, when it is applied well, it creates deserved recognition for exceptional quality of service, enhanced brand awareness and superior results.

These skills can be learnt through the techniques covered on this course.

Please note: A variation of this course is available for in-house recruiters.





This is a 2-day programme and can be run consecutively (recommended) or 1 day per week over 2 weeks:

  • Achieve mutual in-depth understanding and knowledge of your candidates from the very start of the relationship, enabling you to build trust, enhance positive perception and limit potential problems.
  • Know how to influence clients to work with you on a consultative basis, when handling their jobs, and how to ensure that you have all the information necessary (both official and unofficial) for you to exceed expectations and enhance revenues as a result.
  • Control the end to end process, to ensure the best results for your clients and candidates and to gain a consistently good return on your time investment.
  • Demonstrate your care for quality, through robust quality assurance processes.
  • Have some creative ideas to enable you to gain a great return on your investment (ROI) in this programme!

Who should attend?

Those new to professional commercial recruitment practices. Those in need of a refresher on the essential processes and/or who want to further develop and hone their skills. Line managers who support professional recruiters in their roles.

What’s covered

Managing candidates

  • Recruitment fundamentals
  • The need to properly hear and listen
  • The value of building candidate pools
  • Registration prequalification
  • The candidate registration meeting
  • Counter offer management part 1
  • Gaining high influence


Managing jobs

  • Taking comprehensive job and person specifications
  • Key job order elements
  • Job-taking tips
  • Marketing roles to candidates
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • The candidate introduction CV
  • Presenting the shortlist


Managing interviews

  • Preparing candidates
  • Preparing clients
  • Debriefing candidates
  • Debriefing clients


Managing offers and counter offers

  • Negotiating and closing
  • Adding value for unsuccessful candidates
  • Counter offer management part 2
  • Resignation support
  • Essential notice period contact


Managing quality

  • Quality control for quality service
  • Utilising process assets for superior customer satisfaction
  • Self-management for enhanced performance and job satisfaction