Practical Management

Being an effective manager rarely happens overnight. Rather, it starts with gaining a full appreciation of the role itself and then learning and applying key, relevant skills that enable you to truly maximise the potential of you and your team. These skills are covered on this programme.

This programme is designed to enable you to work as a manager, with focus, confidence and conviction. Our aim is to give you a solid foundation for your managerial career, to enable you to build and sustain high performance teams that help you to achieve your management and business goals. Our purpose is not to promote the latest ‘theory’, but to share with you the practical methods, ideas and techniques, which are highly relevant and used by successful managers today.

During the programme, you will be introduced and guided through five key management foundation concepts, which we refer to as our ‘management building blocks’. Consistent implementation of these concepts will empower you to unleash your management potential.


Who should attend?


Managers, team leaders and supervisors that hold responsibility for gaining results through people and have minimal previous formal management training; and a refresher for more experienced managers and leaders.