Leadership & Management

Practical Leadership & Management

Effective leadership/management rarely happens overnight. Rather, it starts with gaining a full appreciation of the role itself and then learning and applying key, relevant skills that enable you to truly maximise the potential in you, your people and your business.

These skills are covered on this programme, which is designed to enable you to work as a leader/manager, with focus, confidence and conviction.

Our aim is to give you a solid foundation that will enable you to build and sustain high performance teams that help you to achieve your management and business goals.

Our purpose is not to promote the latest ‘theory’, but to share with you the practical methods, ideas and techniques, used by successful leaders and managers today.

During the programme, you will be introduced and guided through five key management foundation concepts, which we refer to as our ‘building blocks’. Consistent application will equip you to flourish in your leadership/management career.


Who should attend?


Leaders and managers with responsibility for gaining business results through people to truly maximise potential in themselves, their people and their business.


This is a 3 – 4-day programme and can be run consecutively over 1 week or 1 day per week:

  • Have a full appreciation of the role of the leader/manager, including strategic thinking, essential example-setting and behaviours, balancing different priorities and how to remain focused.
  • Understand how to build high performance teams, from the essential team fit, to complete self-sufficiency.
  • Know how to tailor support and development for your people throughout their career journey with you, from ‘on-boarding’ to ‘off-boarding’.
  • Be confident in identifying and implementing performance management process assets and techniques.
  • Appreciate the importance of effective time and resource management, including the need to prioritise, plan, deal with multiple responsibilities effectively – and avoid time thieves.
  • Have some creative ideas to enable you to gain a great return on your investment in this programme!

What’s covered

The role of the manager
  • About you – what makes you tick
  • The business case for good management
  • Establishing your ‘why’ for your compelling vision
  • How to turn vision into business reality
  • Traits and habits of highly effective leader-managers
  • Action centred leadership


Building high performance teams
  • Why teams can fail
  • Team ingredients for high performance
  • The evolution of teams
  • Recruiting for the teams – values, behaviours and skills fit


Learning and development
  • Understanding people – personalities, styles and motivators
  • Précised EI
  • Creating your learning culture
  • The four stages of learning (including how to train, coach, support, delegate and mentor)
  • Flexing your style
  • How to embed learning and development for sustained growth


  • Essential infrastructure for high performance
  • Game-changing appraisals
  • Managing poor performance and conflict


Time and resources
  • Time priorities and ‘sticking to the knitting’
  • Task categories and why most should be discarded
  • ‘Monkey management’
  • Simple time management tools
  • Using minimal KPIs for focus and motivation
  • Tips from time management gurus