Bespoke Leadership Programmes

The achievement of outstanding high performance in business rarely occurs by accident; rather, it is caused by effective leaders and managers, who understand how to skilfully link strategy, operations and people in order to create organisational excellence.

In addition, leaders are rarely ‘natural born’. Instead, they have learnt and embraced the skills, techniques and processes to allow their leadership style to flourish.

Our bespoke programmes are designed specifically with our clients’ business, markets and people in mind. Created based on what works in the real world, rather than the latest theory, our aim is to enable you to really grasp what leadership is all about, and then to apply that knowledge within your leadership team to enable you to articulate your vision and turn it into a successful, sustainable reality for your organisation.


Who should attend?


Senior leaders and executives, who are responsible for creating the future of their organisations, and for turning it into reality.


Choice of modules

These 5-10 day programmes can be run consecutively over two intense weeks, weekly over 5 weeks (2 days per week), or fortnightly over 10 weeks.

Coaching and other support inbetween learning days is embedded in the design of the programme.

Each programme is unique to individual businesses, typically created around 5 modules.

What’s included in the modules

Module 1: Where are we and how did we get here? What and where are the growth opportunities?”


Reflection on the current reality, looking to the future, and recognising the opportunities and what needs to change to achieve growth.

Can include: What makes businesses successful and sustainable; markets and customers; value propositions and essential differentiation; being outstanding in the marketplace; growth strategy outline.


Module 2: “What is my self-perception, what do others see in me, how can we develop as a united executive team?”


Leadership and self-awareness, working together as a leadership team, creating a team charter (values and purpose).

Can include: What leaders are, do and know; leadership – the good, the bad and the ugly; the leadership competency wheel; individual profiles of the top team (psychometrics and other diagnostics); giving and receiving feedback; 360 feedback (peers and direct team); situational leadership.


Module 3: “What does the future look like for our business?”


Understanding the need for resilience, adaptability and change.

Can include: Predicting and managing for market changes; key drivers of change and their impact on businesses; what the future looks like for chosen sectors; exploring the need for change; engaging people in change; coaching principles for change management; growth strategy.


Module 4: “What do we need to do to make our ‘boat go faster’?”


Defining processes and systems to enhance and improve performance.

Can include: Focus/cohesion/simplicity concepts; current focus and where it should be; creating operational excellence; creating ‘intimacy’ and ‘lemon-squeezing’ principles; product leadership; maximising resources; the SOS time management model; measuring, managing and maximising performance.


Module 5: “Inspiring our people to make our ‘boat go even faster’”


Agreeing the culture to attract and retain great people.

Can include: Culture, values, and how they are projected; the four enablers of employee engagement; engagement case studies; motivation and productivity link; influencing people with high impact; individual team profiles; people – structure, roles, capabilities, and L&D gaps.