Essential selling building blocks

Consultative Selling

The most effective sales people do not seem to be selling at all – when that is in fact exactly what they ARE doing. Having a natural conversation is what consultative selling is all about.

This style works so well because the majority of clients don’t want to be ‘sold at’; instead they are invariably open to speaking with potential partners and suppliers that understand them and are able to add value to their organisations.

So, in consultative sales, real success is not about short-term, transactional results; it’s about building long-term, mutually-beneficial business relationships that can be nurtured, valued and developed for years.

This programme covers the skills needed to begin those relationships.


Who should attend?


Those new to consultative selling; those in need of a refresher on the essential basics, or wishing to hone their skills to build on current success levels; and line managers who support sales staff in their roles.