We believe in giving back and our adopted charity is The Back Up Trust

Our Charity – Giving Back

In 2016, our lovely friend Paula, became victim to a serious spinal cord illness that left her potentially wheelchair-bound. Through sheer grit and determination, she and her family are making the most of her limited mobility. To us, she is an inspiration.

By chance, Paula found out late about the Backup Trust. This organisation provides emotional and practical support to people with spinal cord injuries (SCI), through peer mentoring and a variety of courses, such as wheelchair skills and back to work. They also provide support to families.

Paula says: “If I had known about Backup from the beginning of my rehabilitation, my development and outlook would have been very different. I would have received the extra support that I needed, and so would my husband and family. I am keen to ensure that this wonderful charity is available to SCI victims and their families.”

Paula is not letting being in a wheelchair dull her spirit and has taken on Snowdon as part of a team from Basingstoke in 2018; she was pushed, pulled and wheeled, by the fab team at Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt Architects, up 8 miles of the highest mountain in England and Wales to the summit, and back down again!

They completed the race in an amazing sub 6 hours time and raised over £8,000 in the process, earning the accolade of top fundraiser. There is still time to donate to this great cause, so please click here as every £1 makes a difference.