Growth Assets


Fast business growth requires clear focus and simple working methods that make it easy for everyone to do a great job.


We refer to them as ‘assets’, because they enhance the value of a business. After all, if you have these in place, it means that your people are likely to perform to a much higher standard, and create better results for your business, than your competitors.


Strategy assets + operational assets + people assets


Focus, cohesion and simplicity for superior results


This can feel counter-intuitive for entrepreneurial and sales personalities who typically set up and lead recruitment, sales, service SMEs. But those that embrace this find that, just like house-building, ambitious business growth requires a strong foundation; both creativity and infrastructure will support the creation of your vision.


This does not have to be difficult; it just takes a bit of thought on what and who you are, what looks good to you in your business and ensuring your processes reflect that and make it easy for people to deliver how you’d like them to.


Our Asset Checklist


Have a look at the categories below. For each element score your business out of 10, where 10 means ‘great’ and 0 ‘not so great’:


Strategy ‘Assets’


  • We are crystal clear on our strategy for growth, each area of our organisation has an aligned business plan, and everyone in the organisation understands how they fit into it, and the part they play.
  • We have defined areas of differentiation that represent our values and set us apart from our competition, and everyone in the organisation understands what they are and how they translate into what we do and how we do it.
  • We are clear about our culture and values and proactively maintain these, including our reward structure.
  • We ensure our strategy for growth remains on track, using quantitative and qualitative measures.


Delivery ‘Assets’


  • Everyone in our organisation understands our standards and service level expectations for external and internal customers, and our people are empowered to achieve these standards.
  • Our sales people are proficient in consultative selling, including focus, techniques and know-how.
  • We have a robust client development process in place, and our senior sales team is proficient in strategic selling, planning, mapping, and account management.
  • Our service delivery people are proficient in customer relationship management (and for recruitment teams, this includes candidate management, job management and interview management)
  • We have clear quality management processes in place and all our staff understand and apply our standards consistently.
  • Our values and standards run through all operations, ensuring that our customers receive an outstanding experience with us, without exception.
  • Our CRM is effective, efficient and simple to use, empowering our people to easily record all essential data, driving seamless excellence as a result.
  • We ensure our operational processes remain effective and fit for purpose, using quantitative and qualitative measures.


People ‘Assets’


  • We have in place a clear and simple values-based expectations framework (VBEF) that illustrates ‘what looks good’ in terms of competencies and behaviours for all our people; this is linked with our strategy for growth, our values and standards, and is reflected in all our people ‘assets’.
  • We have simple job/person specifications for all roles, linked clearly with our VBEF.
  • Our staff hiring process is thorough yet simple, linked clearly with our VBEF.
  • Promotions are based on achievement of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ criteria achievement, linked clearly with our VBEF.
  • Leavers are treated with dignity and respect, and are invited to share feedback on our business through our exit interview process.
  • We ensure our people management remains fair and effective, using quantitative and qualitative measures.Our induction/onboarding process is thorough, effective, linked clearly with our VBEF, and tailored for each individual.
  • Our appraisals process is linked clearly with our VBEF and seen by all our people as a valuable way to ‘hold up a mirror’, share feedback, and create business area/personal development plans that maximise potential.


Your score


You will see that there is a maximum score of 200 points.


If your score is 150 and above, congratulations! Now what can you do to enhance what you have already have in place?


For any score under 150, we hope we have shared some useful ideas for you to build your infrastructure for growth.