Insight Honed from 30 Years of Growing Recruitment and Professional Services Businesses

Our experience proves that a high performance culture creates an inspiring and motivational setting that makes it possible to outperform markets.

When discussing engagement and performance problems with leaders and managers, the causes inevitably include a disconnect between stated values and the reality of how they are ‘lived and breathed’.

Our model creates the roadmap to bridge that gap in an authentic, transparent way, because everyone understands how to achieve ‘what looks good’.

This makes it easy for your people to excel. Fast.

Choice and flexibility for your budget: You can have as much support as you are comfortable with, from light touch Performance Assets design, with a little consultancy, to a complete package of C-suite strategic coaching, Performance Assets design, and training and development programmes for your whole business. Or something in between.

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Our 5-Step Model

1. Vision

Strategic focus, values, standards and culture.

2. Operations

Design of the whole recruitment process, sales, and quality management.

3. People

Process design for talent attraction, hiring, on-boarding, appraisals, promotions and exiting.

4. Training

Design of tailored and bespoke training, learning and development programmes.

5. Focus on ROI

Planned strategies to achieve significant people- and business-related ROI.

Don't just take our word for it

“Denise’s innovative approach created truly exceptional results for us almost immediately. We were able to quickly address identified problem areas, then revamp familiar ways of working to balance clarity for learning for new recruits with enhancing day to day operations for everyone.

We have bonded tightly as a team, have a deeper understanding of each other, welcome our differences and play to our strengths. We have also seen a sharp increase in sustainable productivity, had 3 promotions, and strengthened our brand significantly.”

Jamie McLaughlin, President of Capstone Hill Search (a global communications, digital and PR recruitment consultancy)

Inspiring Excellence

The Gift of Constructive Feedback

Coaching Culture

No One Learns in a Vacuum