Bespoke Coaching

Our coaching programmes are designed to for executives and seniors with a good level of knowledge, experience and skills, and who wish to develop these further, often for a specific goal, significantly enhanced performance or simply to continuously excel in their field.

Our coaching style

Our workshops have been described as informal, ‘grown up’, engaging, and highly interactive. There is a lot of encouragement to put agreed action points, into practice, because ‘doing’ rather than ‘just talking’ is what gains significant wins for participants in the following months.

Each workshop is different, simply because businesses and participants are different, and so are their needs and situations. For that reason, concepts covered can include (but are not limited to): strategic planning; hard and soft skills; new developments; self-management; and even refreshers on essential foundations that may have been forgotten over time.

Confidential one to one coaching

Our one to one coaching typically requires three coaching sessions over a 3-month period. Starting with clarifying objectives and timescales, we look at your current reality and its implications in terms of your objectives, which form the basis of a straightforward plan to enable you to achieve your goals step by step.

Small group coaching

Working with colleagues of a similar level, these programmes are usually based on team building for a specific outcome, or the desire to deepen a team skillset for the benefit of the wider business.

All our coaching starts with your current reality, including strengths, and challenges, objectives and expectations. Next, we agree your plan based on priority objectives and related subjects to cover, and we start working on them. We ensure that everything is applied to your reality and in your own style, so unlike a training programme or course, you won’t have a set of materials to be covered; instead, we work on subjects as they are identified as important to you,  accessing suitable materials as they are needed, or sending them on for reference afterwards.