Strategic Planning

Creating the future of your business starts with identifying your vision, then forming a clear, structured plan to achieve it.

This means careful consideration of your VISION: what you want your organisation to be, where you will trade, and how you will differentiate. Also what you stand for, your values, your standards, the reason you are doing what you do. Next it’s about ensuring that PEOPLE, PROCESS and general business MANAGEMENT systems are in place to facilitate the clear focus, cohesion and simplicity that is essential for ambitious growth.

This one-day workshop is designed to start the process to achieve this.


Who should attend?


Leadership and management teams responsible for creating a clear path for their business future.



To enable you to pull together as a leadership team to formulate the basis of your strategy for growth, using simple, achievable and practical concepts, identify your shared vision, and start a skeleton strategic plan, which you will develop together in the following days.

  • Clearly understand what and who you are: your values, your differentiators, your standards, and how these will be evident throughout your business.
  • Examine the current reality of your business against your vision, and identify first priorities to work on.
  • Create the first year annual business plan – the first step towards the vision.
  • Ownership and full buy-in of the executive team to this essential growth processes.

What’s covered

Although each workshop is unique to individual businesses, we work to an agreed format, typically including:

  • Prior individual preparation to be presented and shared on the day.
  • Encouraging imagination to soar, unleashing opportunities for differentiation!
  • Scrutiny of external factors for competitive advantage, and risk mitigation.
  • Debate and agreement on concepts to be implemented, including strategies around values, employer brand, differentiation, pricing, sales, marketing, services, quality, and finance.
  • Distilling agreed concepts into workable formats, including the agreed strategy and related methodology.
  • Creating the first year business plan linked to the overall agreed strategy.