I specialise in providing customised solutions that deliver business results, from confidential executive coaching, team coaching and medium to large cohort learning programmes.

Without exception, all stimulate people to discover better ways to do things together and to realise the results, personally, as a team, and for the company.

Unlike ‘formal’ learning which is frequently forgotten or unused, all my TLD is built around practical application in the real working environment, and this is fully supported to embed the learning in the short-, mid- and long-term.

I create and run programmes for CEOs, executive, management, sales, service, operational and cross functional teams.

Core programmes include:

  • Bespoke Leadership Development

  • Practical Management

  • Absolutely Sales

  • Absolutely Advanced Sales

  • Absolutely Recruitment Excellence for Commercial Recruiters

  • Absolutely Recruitment Excellence for In-house Recruiters

  • Absolutely Customer Care

  • Train the Trainer


"Ensures our people excel"

Denise has provided training solutions (as well as business growth support) for us for a number of years now, and her knowledge of the industry and how to ensure recruiters excel within their field is unrivalled. Denise understands our business and ensures that her training days mirror our requirements. She delivers passionate and motivational sessions and all our consultants love to attend them. They come away from those days feeling energised and full of ideas on how to be the best in the business. On top of all this, Denise is a fantastic person to work with, personable, reliable and honest. I can't recommend her highly enough.

"Dramatic improvement"

I initially asked Denise to come in once a month to provide desk-side coaching for my sales team. This evolved to include working with everyone in the business at every level and has covered to date: group training workshops, establishing sales and service structure and processes, improving our HR infrastructure, management development, and business planning. So I measure our investment in terms of improved effectiveness, enhanced team work, the dramatic improvement in activity conversion ratios and the movement in the right direction of our sales figures!

"Speechless at the outcomes to date"

Thank you for all you have done over the past few days with our executive team. I am speechless at how well you pulled everything out of everyone and the outcomes so far. If I were you I would be very proud of everyting I had achieved!