For an organisation to create and retain a truly competitive edge, it requires all employees to be aligned not only with the vision, but also with the values and behaviours conducive to creating a high performing team environment.

When this is right, all stakeholders, both internal and external, are happily engaged, and organisations with this type of culture create a loyalty and following that can enable them to achieve exceptional brand loyalty and enviable performance levels. 

Work with us to explore how to enhance and develop customer care and stakeholder management skills within your organisation and create a cohesive working environment that underpins its effectiveness and sustainability through a culture of genuine commitment to service.

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Objectives: This is a 2 – 3 day programme and can be run consecutively over 2 or 3 days (recommended) or 1 day per week:

1. Create and communicate your vision of excellent customer care and secure genuine buy-in and engagement from everyone who needs to be involved.

2. Know how to adapt your outlook and personal behaviour, and to take into account others’ desires, fears and motivations to positively influence all types of stakeholders.

3. Understand how to recognise what different stakeholders value, and give them what they want on a win-win basis, resulting in enhanced teamwork, improved service levels, and increased effectiveness for your organisation.

4. Learn how to create a culture of empathy and build genuine sustainable partnerships on a foundation of appreciation and trust.

5. Have some creative ideas to enable you to gain a great return on your investment (ROI) in this programme!

What's covered: 

  • What great customer care looks like: The business case for customer care (customers and staff); The organisation vision and where customer care fits; ‘Wow factor’ behaviours for customer care success
  • What stakeholders want, what they need and how they impact on the success of organisations: The business benefits of having happy stakeholders; Stakeholder ‘touch points’; Understanding customers; Essential empathy; What customers want

  • Customer care mistakes and why customers are lost: Why organisations lose customers; The need for best behaviour; The Betari Box; 7 habits of highly ineffective people
  •  Understanding people and how to create empathetic relationships: Competencies for great customer care; Understanding people (learning styles, personalities - DISC - and motivation); Demonstrating empathy

  •  Negotiating with confidence for a ‘win-win’ outcome: Feedback - ‘the secret weapon’; How to give constructive feedback; Techniques for resolving complaints
  • How to measure customer care success in organisations: Measures and codes; Clear and simple standards; Values, ethics and standards; Obtaining customer care feedback

Who should attend: All stakeholders who contribute to the success of the organisation, managers who support teams in embracing great customer care, and directors and executives wishing to create and support a culture of great customer care.

In a highly competitive market, genuine customer care is increasingly being recognised as a powerful differentiator. Savvy business leaders are making this part of their strategic focus for sustainable growth. It is easy to see why this is: it improves competitiveness, builds customer loyalty, increases customer retention, attracts new customers via word of mouth, reduces marketing costs, increases service efficiency, reduces complaints (and complaint-handling resources and costs), and increases the fun factor for employees. What’s not to like?

"The second half of the year has been so much better – and importantly profitable. No rocket science but just some simple principles taken from your course – lots of client visits and remembering that we need to ‘love’ our clients! Thank you – a 5 x ROI so far."
- Senior Recruiter of a 'recruitment to recruitment' business