Overview: Research from top UK business schools proves that owner/managers of the fastest growing SMEs understand the need to invest time nurturing and developing existing client relationships, just as they do for new business. 

Growth inevitably comes from long-term, sustainable business relationships – and these do not evolve by chance. Instead, they are the result of focused, meaningful and careful relationship-building at all levels. 

In our first sales course, Absolutely Sales, we are strong advocates of the concept that, in consultative, real success is not about short-term, transactional results; it’s about building long-term, mutually-beneficial business relationships which are nurtured to develop and to evolve over years. 

This advanced course covers the skills needed to further develop those relationships from ‘saplings into oaks’.   

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Objectives: This is a 1-day programme:

 1. Appreciate the value of building long-term business relationships to the mutual benefit of your clients and your own organisation.

 2. Enhance your strategic and business management abilities to identify and achieve ambitious sales goals and objectives.

 3. Use simple tools to effectively apply client analysis and account management techniques to enhance value of your client base.

 4. Have some creative ideas to enable you to gain a great return on your investment (ROI) in this programme!

What's covered:

  • The business case for developing sustainable business relationships: Why business to business relationships break down; The customer lifecycle (‘marriage’); Understanding supplier/client relationship ‘value’ preferences
  • The strategic approach: How owners of average performing business try to grow their companies; In contrast, how owners of fast growing business ‘lemon-squeeze’ and ‘stick to the knitting’; Getting and giving value; Squeezing questions; Building the brand; The Boston Matrix; Porter’s 5 forces
  • Practical account management, approach and application: The benefits of account management; The key focus of account managers; The account management review meeting; High gain questions; Practical in-depth analysis of accounts; Your sales vision

Who should attend: Those with good understanding of and experience in sales and sales technique, wishing to widen their scope and outlook for enhanced sales results.

According to Cranfield University's BGP, too many businesses are locked into unhealthy customer relationships, too many try to diversify too soon and too few further develop the healthy relationships that they already have.

Effective advanced selling and account management is invaluable to sustainable growth, simply through making the most of your current mutually beneficial client relaionships. It enables teams to create, instead of waste, business opportunities. It also adds to the bottom line, because client retention is much less expensive than finding new clients, there is a much higher chance of fulfilled business from existing clients, and it facilitates the identification of future markets.

"I engaged with absolutely business to provide training and coaching to my senior team, to improve sales performance, systems and processes. This resulted in improved effectiveness, enhanced teamwork, a dramatic improvement in conversion ratios and a strong move in the right direction of our sales results!"
- Founder/MD of an IT contractor recruitment business